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It Be Too Late To Alter Course Now, Mateys!


Captain Hector Barbossa
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HAHAHAHAHA, a whole bushel of apples, battling eel monsters, being pirate mom, being the better captain, being a crazy bastard, captain keith richards, cat and also cat, condescending eyerolls, crab battle, cutting bitches, daddy's little murderess, dickery, drama!1!, dramatic camera angles, dramatic lighting, dramatic music, dramatic tension, eel monsters, elizabeth getting some, elizabeth's pants-cannon, feigning disinterest, giant fucking waterfalls, hating jack sparrow, having a bigger spyglass, immortality, impromptu dramatic speeches, jack (the monkey), looming over you, maelstroms, more like guidelines anyway, my ship, not giant naked women, piracy, plan 43: dress in drag, really big hats, rehearsing the blood ritual, sodomizing jack, talk like a pirate day, the black pearl, the code, theatrics, weddings, zombies